Merchant accounts for travel, tourism, accommodation, Internet marketing, and more

DalPay Gateway Services
Payment Solutions Across Borders

Airline Payments

Connected to airline acquirers. Integrated with Plusgrade for class-up payments. Process Billing and Settlement Plan (IATA/US ARC files).

Virtual Terminal

For your mail order/telephone order or virtual card charging needs. Our web-based Virtual Terminal is for all kinds of self-keyed transactions.

Specialist Platforms

We integrate with leading vertical platforms for e-commerce. Travel, Tourism, and Accommodation, are our speciality. Internet Marketing, too.

Solutions for Travel, but that's not all...

Tours, Activities and Rental Platforms

Integrated with Leading Travel Platforms.

Bókun the tourism sales platform, Checkfront online booking system, and more...

Direct Post or Hosted Checkout

Direct Post or Secure Hosted Checkout.

Direct post via secure RESTful web services or responsive hosted payment page...

Onboard sales

Onboard Sales Solutions.

Capture onboard retail sales on aircraft, ferries, and for other passengers...

Integrate with marketing platforms

Integrated with Marketing Platforms.

Customer relationship and order management systems - Konnektive CRM, Infusionsoft, and more...

Open Source and hosted Shopping carts

Open Source and Hosted Shopping Carts.

WooCommerce on WordPress, PrestaShop, and other leading open source shopping carts...

Sell Worldwide

Mobile POS for Face-to-Face Sales.

In certain markets we offer smartPOS solutions for card-present sales, using your mobile device...

Billing and Settlement Plan

We process Billing and Settlement Plan (IATA/US ARC) files. If you are a participant in the travel industry, we can connect you to the industry standard billing and collection system for travel agents.
Whether you serve individual travellers or corporate customers, are an airline wishing to join BSP, or are an acquiring bank wishing to add BSP card processing to your merchant portfolio, DalPay is your gateway to the world of BSP.

DalPay VT

Our modern web-based Virtual Terminal works on mobile devices as well as desktops. For self-keyed transactions, with specific modes for travel and accommodation (such as charging Virtual cards), DalPay's Virtual Terminal is your solution.

Note: DalPay Gateway, while offering approved services, may not necessarily be endorsed by the brands or companies above.

Extensive Payments Knowledge

Providing international payment processing services for a wide range of industries since 2004, our knowledgeable staff can help you to navigate the complex world (and hidden pitfalls) of accepting omnichannel payments.

Risk Reduction Specialists

DalPay is a specialist in reducing the risk of acquiring cross-border transactions. Whether you are a merchant or an acquirer, we can apply our deep and wide knowledge to your business, to help reduce disputes and chargebacks, and ensure profitable payment processing.