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DalPay Compliance Index: Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

For a summary of Permitted, Restricted and Prohibited Items, please see here*.

Please note that where there might be an inadvertent material contradiction with the current operating regulations of any of the card associations, the operating regulations of the relevant card association shall control. Apply for an Internet merchant account now.

Acceptance and Compliance Policies

General Rules

For Sponsored Merchants and DalPay Retail Suppliers

For DalPay Direct Merchants

Virtual Terminal for MO/TO

Model Terms and Conditions

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*Acceptance is subject to an individual risk assessment. DalPay Retail is an authorized retail sales outlet for Suppliers worldwide. Supplier websites found to be supplying Prohibited Items or services are subject to immediate account termination, freezing of funds/possible forfeiture of funds, fines, and/or order cancellations, all without notice, as governed by the DalPay Retail Operating Regulations. Apply for a direct Internet merchant account now.