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Policy on the Acceptance of Online Pharmacies

Policy on the Acceptance of Online Pharmacies


The policy outlined below represents the latest acceptance rules for online pharmacies.

It refers to the processing and acquiring of credit card transactions, which DalPay processes as a gateway, to acquirers of Visa card brands. (Please note that at the present time MasterCard and the other card associations discourage merchant accounts for online pharmacy sales. MasterCard for example specifically prohibits online pharmacy sales under its Business Risk And Mitigation (BRAM) regulations.)

The policy outlines the guidelines for the acceptance of online pharmacies. It does in no way constitute an obligation by DalPay to accept any particular merchant; that decision depends on an individual risk assessment.

1. Definition

1.1. An online pharmacy is defined as any merchant that offers and arranges for the distribution of non-prohibited drugs and medicines (non-prescription, prescription-only, and pharmacy-only drugs). In all cases fulfillment must be executed by a licensed pharmacy.

Merchants selling herbal remedies, natural product supplements, and nutritional supplements only, that do not need to be sold by a licensed pharmacist are not deemed as online pharmacies for the purposes of this policy. Please refer to the Restricted Items list.

2. Policy

2.1 We may accept online pharmacies from the following countries (provided that they only distribute to countries within the EU)
United Kingdom.

2.2 We may accept online pharmacies from the following countries, with restrictions (a legal check is a prerequisite);
All other EU countries and countries with the European Economic Area,

2.3 We may accept merchants who distribute within the USA, on the following conditions:

Merchant is a European domiciled online pharmacy with a licensed fulfilment centre in the USA, from which the goods are despatched within the USA.

The fulfilment centre in the USA must be certified under the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practise Sites Program (VIPPS) of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP); a list of certified companies can be found on the official NABP website (http://www.nabp.net ),

Proof of the relationship between the European merchant and the fulfilment centre in the USA must be adequately provided (agency contracts, and copies of their certification and licenses).

2.4 The following business models are not permissible:

Online prescription (business models in which orders for prescription-only drugs are fulfilled without prior examination of the patient by a doctor/physician),

Online Pharmacies domiciled outside the European Union,

Distribution of products with doubtful efficacy (also applies to prescription-only and pharmacy-only drugs),

Terms and Conditions where the responsibility for importing the substance into the end customer's country (including licenses, etc.) is the customer's responsibility,

Importation of prescription and controlled drugs into the USA or other countries without valid EU/EEA export license and country import licenses. (This particularly applies to substances listed on the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) "yellow" and "green" lists.)

3. Basic Pharmacy Merchant Requirements

EU/EEA area registered company or branch,
Pharmacy licence, valid in the merchant’s country of domicile for their business,
Additionally, a licence to operate an online pharmacy, if this is required by national law.

4. Required Documentation

The following documentation is to be provided by the online pharmacy in addition to the normal supporting document requirements:

Copy of valid pharmacy licence from the merchant’s country of domicile,
Copy of valid licence to operate an online pharmacy (if required in the merchant’s country of domicile),
Written affidavit from the merchant that no online prescriptions will be offered, and that all products to be sold are registered and approved in both the merchant's country and the end user consumer's country.

In the case of the operation of a fulfilment centre (Europe and USA or other country), proof of relationship between the European merchant and the licensed fulfilment centre in the USA or other country of fulfilment (confirmation of ownership structure, agency agreement).

This Policy on the Acceptance of Online Pharmacy Sites was last revised on January 1, 2008.
Version: 1.1.

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