A unique end-to-end infrastructure

DalPay's TPOS and other platforms enable businesses to accept payments across multiple channels, with a specific focus on travel payments.

Airline Payment Processing

DalPay Gateway, via its TPOS platform, has many years of airline payment processing experience.

DalPay is connected to payment card acquirers, supporting direct sales, as well as travel agency payments through the Billing and Settlement Plan indirect channel for both IATA and non-IATA airlines.

Connected to the Radixx Air Passenger Services System (PSS), supporting Unit4 Financials (formerly Coda Financials) for airline revenue accounting, and more, DalPay Gateway offers comprehensive solutions for airline payment processing.

Solutions to Grow Both Ticket Sales and Ancillary Revenue

For full service airlines with different seat classes we offer integration with Plusgrade, the revenue upgrade platform for the airline industry (passenger-driven auctions for seat and other flight upgrades).

For onboard retail sales we via our partners offer T-PED (Transmitting Personal Electronic Device) certified solutions that do not require supplemental type certification.

For low-cost carriers (both IATA and non-IATA) DalPay Gateway can connect you to the leading global distribution system (GDS), Amadeus. Join the growing number of low-cost and hybrid carriers who have moved to distribute through the travel agency channel.

Analysis by Amadeus indicated that low-cost carriers (LCCs) can generate €10 net revenue more per booking on average, via travel agents, compared to direct bookings via the airline's own website. DalPay supports both models.

Join The Billing and Settlement Plan

If you are a participant in the travel industry, we can connect you to the industry standard billing and collection system for travel agents.

DalPay processes Billing and Settlement Plan files (both International Air Transport Association and US Airline Reporting Corporation formats).

Whether you serve individual travellers or corporate customers, are an airline wishing to join BSP, or are an acquiring bank wishing to add BSP card processing to your merchant portfolio, DalPay is your gateway to the world of BSP.

DalPay Gateway has successfully migrated and bridged between the different versions for ticketing and ancillary items used for BSP processing. From IATA DISH revision 20.3 through 22.0 and 23.0, ARC CCBF specification 15.1 to 16.3, and beyond, we can receive from both leading GDSes and directly from Data Processing Centers (DPCs) under iBSP.

Need guidance in navigating airline payments?

Ready for New Resolution 890?

Are you ready for the amended IATA Resolution 890? A revolution in payment card acceptance is coming for travel agents. Alternative payment/transfer methods (travel agent's own cards, virtual account numbers - VANs) are permitted for the first time in the BSP through Transparency in Payments (TIP).

Airline Payments Experts

Our knowledgeable staff can help you to navigate the complex world (and hidden pitfalls) of airline payment processing. Whether you are an airline or an acquirer we can apply our deep and wide knowledge to your business. DalPay facilitates profitable travel payment processing.

Joining BSP/ARC for the first time?

The new IATA travel agent accreditation models for BSP offer new opportunities for airlines and travel agents including online travel agents. IATA NewGen ISS introduces GoLite, GoStandard and GoGlobal accreditation. DalPay, an Amadeus bespoke partner, can connect you.