A unique end-to-end infrastructure

DalPay's TPOS and other platforms enable businesses to accept payments across multiple channels, with a specific focus on travel payments.

Onboard Sales

DalPay Gateway, via its TPOS platform, has many years of airline payment processing experience.

DalPay's Batch Capture Service is for onboard sales on aircraft, ferries, and other locations needing offline capture of card sales where connectivity for realtime authorisation is either unavailable or undesirable.

Solutions to Grow Ancillary Revenue Without Costly Refits

Where you need a solution to capture retail sales and other ancillary revenue onboard aircraft, or other passenger vessels, we and our partners offer T-PED (Transmitting Personal Electronic Device) certified solutions that do not require fixed installation 'in cabin', and so do not require supplemental type certification.

Installing air-to-ground or air-to-satellite on aircraft can be expensive both in installation costs and potential downtime (at best during 3C check/IL for upgrades on aircraft), and may not be cost effective for aircraft involved in short haul flights.

Our solution involves offline capture through stowable mobile POS devices. Our partners can also offer a stowable high speed wireless hub solution providing inflight media streaming, entertainment, destination videos, food and drink menus, and other methods to help increase ancillary sales onboard.

DalPay Batch Capture Service

Originally developed for the UK's flag carrier airline, the TPOS Batch Capture Service can be integrated with T-PED (Transmitting Personal Electronic Device) certified POS devices that are stowed during takeoff and landing. These same devices can be used on other vessels such as ferries or other vehicles where connectivity for realtime authorisation is either unavailable or undesirable.

The transactions are authenticated offline with either the cardholder verification method (EMV-CVM) of None, capture of cardholder signature on the device, or offline chip verification of the PIN entered by the cardholder (depending on the payment value, and card region).

When the aircraft or other vessel reaches its destination the onboard host device connects to the Internet and securely uploads the transactions for processing.

Need guidance in navigating airline payments?

Ready for New Resolution 890?

Are you ready for the amended IATA Resolution 890? A revolution in payment card acceptance is coming for travel agents. Alternative payment/transfer methods (travel agent's own cards, virtual account numbers - VANs) are permitted for the first time in the BSP through Transparency in Payments (TIP).

Airline Payments Experts

Our knowledgeable staff can help you to navigate the complex world (and hidden pitfalls) of airline payment processing. Whether you are an airline or an acquirer we can apply our deep and wide knowledge to your business. DalPay facilitates profitable travel payment processing.

Joining BSP/ARC for the first time?

The new IATA travel agent accreditation models for BSP offer new opportunities for airlines and travel agents including online travel agents. IATA NewGen ISS introduces GoLite, GoStandard and GoGlobal accreditation. DalPay, an Amadeus bespoke partner, can connect you.