A unique end-to-end infrastructure

DalPay's TPOS and other platforms enable businesses to accept payments across multiple channels, with a specific focus on travel payments.

Virtual Terminal

DalPay VT is our modern web-based Virtual Terminal solution for all kinds of self-keyed transactions.

Accept credit and debit cards by phone, postal mail, or charge virtual cards from Booking.com, Expedia or Agoda.

No card swiper/POS device to buy, no software to install. All you need is Internet access, and your smartphone, computer, or tablet turns into a secure credit card terminal.

DalPay's web-based virtual payment terminal is multi-user enabled so that you can offer employees access to take payments from their devices or computers, too.

Easily Charge Credit and Debit Cards for Your Bookings

DalPay's VT is for you if you want to charge a Booking.com (Agent) card, Expedia Virtual Card, or Agoda Unique Payment Card (UPC), or other single or multiple use payment card from other booking extranets.

DalPay supports multiple currencies in an easy way, so that you can charge cards in the currency of the virtual card, using the correct merchant account category code (MCC). DalPay VT is your solution for charging cards for all kinds of bookings.

Whether you receive bookings for your apartment, hotel, holiday home, guest house, or bed & breakfast (B&B), or for other guests*, DalPay VT makes sure you can charge the virtual cards from online bookings at the right time, and for the correct amount.

*VT is for charging your property's bookings be it for apartments, villas, cabins, holiday homes, guest houses, B&Bs, hotels of all sizes, inns, ryokans, riads, homestays, campsites, caravans, country houses, farm stays, boats, or luxury tents.

Use Your Computer or Mobile Device as a Virtual Terminal

Leave your POS terminal card machine free to serve customers in store. Many newer physical POS terminals have removed the 'keyed entry' option for manual entry of card numbers. This means you need a separate virtual terminal facility when goods or services are ordered by telephone, postal mail (but not card numbers sent by email), or other means where the customer is not present, such as virtual cards**.

We offer a pay by email invoicing feature. Your customers can receive a digital receipt every time they pay with your business name and logo. Charge now, or authorise now, and capture charges later. Refund customers from the same online interface.

**Mail/Phone Order Transactions (also known as MOTO - Mail Order/Telephone Order) should not be entered through your website merchant account as such accounts are intended for entry by the cardholding customer only, not for self-keying by the merchant as a virtual terminal is designed for.