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Login to your Transaction to Find Order Details, or Cancel a Charge to your Card

Login to Your Transaction
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Find this number in your order confirmation email from robot@dalpay.com. Format: XXXXXX.YYYYYYY

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  You may login to Find or Cancel a Charge to your Card and:
  • view the details of your transaction;
  • cancel monthly/quarterly/yearly rebilling or change details,
    such as billing address and/or expiry date of your credit card;
  • cancel your order;
  • send an official message to a merchant or supplier to get a problem solved.

Confused? Call the order inquiry hotline US Toll Free on Phone 1-877-865-7746. (UK freephone 0800-520-0847.)

(If you have a charge for DALPAY.IS or DALPAY.IS/NAME listed on your credit card statement, it is very likely that you or someone in your household placed an online order for products or services sourced from one of DalPay Retail's contracted suppliers.

Such orders are covered by the general purchase terms.)