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DalPay Retail Prohibited Items

Revised and Effective as of July 1st, 2011

DalPay Retail allows sales of both digital items or services and physically shipped items. Some items are permitted but restricted, and require a risk assessment before being listed for sale.

The items you supply must be legal for sale in all states, provinces, and countries into which they are sold. Some payment methods (payment card types) restrict what they may be used to make payments for; such payment methods will therefore not be enabled for sales of items in those card brand prohibited industries/business categories.

Suppliers (both companies and principals/owners) are prohibited from selling through DalPay Retail if:

  • previously identified by a card scheme/association and cited for deceptive marketing practices, using bad faith/deceptive tactics to evade card scheme/association excessive chargeback and/or fraud monitoring programmes

  • engaged in activity in breach of card scheme/association brand protection programmes

  • currently listed on MATCH (Member Alert to Control High-risk Merchants) or equivalant list.

The following are not permitted for sale through DalPay Retail:

  • Items sold through deceptive marketing practices (based on the "net impression" consumers form from your sales pages/materials)

  • Items sold via matrix, single level marketing, multi-level marketing "MLMs", or similar distribution models

  • Unsolicited items AKA "inertia selling"; billing for products or services that were supplied to, but not requested by, the customer

  • "Lifetime" memberships/subscriptions

  • Products or services to circumvent manufacturer/service provider locks, programming codes, or security features to gain access to features/services not paid for

  • Items or websites promoting hatred, racism, religious persecution, or the initiation of force against others

  • Transactions with any entity or person blocked under an EU or U.S. sanctions programme

  • Items originating in, or sold from, countries sanctioned under an EU or U.S. sanctions programme, such as: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria

  • Items illegal in the Supplier or DalPay's operating jurisdiction(s).

Prohibited Tangible Items

  • Any military items or defense articles regulated by U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations ("ITAR") (22 Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 120-130)

  • Firearms and replica firearms

  • Weapons, knives (other than kitchenware), stun guns, and pepper spray

  • Explosives

  • Fireworks or pyrotechnic devices or supplies

  • Hazardous materials, combustibles, corrosives

  • Perishable, non-prepackaged foods

  • Live animals

  • Human body parts, fluids, or remains

  • Prescription drugs, pharmaceuticals, or other controlled substances

  • Human growth hormone (HGH), "anabolic alternatives", "legal highs", "research chemicals", "research liquids", "novel psychoactive substances", or products sold as "miracle cures"

  • Drug paraphernalia, drug test circumvention aids

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Tobacco related products

  • Signal jamming equipment

  • Satellite/cable TV equipment/hardware without proof of a distributor/reseller agreement in place

  • Hardware and/or software that circumvents manufacturer technological protection measures (TPMs), i.e. "modchips", etc.

  • Copyright infringing products where there is unauthorised reproduction and distribution without permission of the copyright holder or authorised licensee

  • Unauthorised replicas of licensed merchandise

  • Unauthorised distribution of licensed merchandise; rights infringement involving sales of items in breach of license, or without a license to sell items into a particular geographical area

  • Dietary supplements that are not U.S. DSHEA, FDA, or DEA compliant, or are shipped into the EU without marketing authorisation

  • Products sold using negative option billing with initial "free trial" or "shipping cost only" offers.

Prohibited Intangible Items/Services

  • Age verification services

  • Charging for services that are available for free elsewhere without providing clear added value

  • Copyright infringing downloadable items, or streaming of content, where there is unauthorised reproduction and distribution without permission of the copyright holder or authorised licensee

  • Certification test exams, degrees, or diplomas (unless accredited by a recognized authority such as the UK BAC, British Council, U.S. CHEA, ASPA, etc.)

  • Companion/escort services/massage parlours, or sexually explicit intangible services; you may NOT supply any explicit adult subscription services, including chat or webcams, or any pornography (including pictures, videos, DVDs, or magazines)

  • Website access - or membership to access - pornographic content; Supplier websites may NOT contain any pornographic content (preview images or streaming videos are prohibited unless part of an implemented tangible adult products site)

  • Pre-adult content; pictures, videos, etc. of individuals under the age of 18 years

  • Donations or any structure in which the value of the transaction is significantly greater than the value of the items purchased

  • Financial services requiring a license to practice including securities trading, insurance, commodities exchange, currency exchange

  • Any service requiring a professional license to practice/perform, including legal, medical or therapy services

  • Internet pharmacy referral websites

  • Auction websites where the highest unique bid or lowest unique bid wins the auction

  • Work-at-home information/money-making schemes, i.e. get-paid-for surveys, home mailing, secret shopper services, etc.

  • Investment opportunities, especially "HYIPs"

  • Door-to-door sales

  • Discount "buyers clubs"/membership clubs, "group coupon" websites

  • Credit counselling or credit repair services, credit protection/identity theft protection

  • Cheque cashing/cash advances/foreign currency purchases/money orders/cheque guarantee businesses

  • Overdue amounts, or amounts covering returned, previously dishonoured or "stopped-payment" cheques

  • Payment of fines, court costs, debt collection

  • Outbound telemarketers, infomercial websites, rebate-based businesses, up-selling websites

  • e-wallets, payment processing services, merchant aggregation type services, "monetization platforms"

  • Website promotion (paid traffic AKA "targeted traffic", paid links "link farms", social media "likes")

  • Unsolicited email services, products and services designed to deliver unsolicited electronic communications, spyware, spamware, scareware AKA "fake anti-virus software"

  • Personal information; "leads", mailing lists, and data aggregation

  • Remote computer access maintenance services

  • "Shell" website hosting accounts

  • Newsgroup access and file sharing services

  • Gambling transactions; online casino gaming chips/wagers, including off-track betting and wagers at racetracks, lotteries or raffles

  • Psychic readings or fortune telling

  • Stolen property or items with serial numbers removed

  • Warranty programmes/extended warranty sales

  • Phone chat lines

  • Videotext, services or products sold via Short Messaging Service (SMS) AKA "texts"

  • Travel related services including airfare or car rental.

If you are concerned that the product or service you wish to sell may be mistaken for an item on this prohibited items list please contact us with details so we can understand your items and business model, before you try and obtain an instant online rate offer.