VirtueMart | Free Joomla! shop payment plug-in

First make sure Joomla and VirtueMart are installed and are running without any problems.

1. Login to the your Joomla! Administrator area. Click on Extensions link in the main menu. From the dropdown choose Extensions Manager ( Joomla! 1.7 and 2.5).

VirtueMart - DalPay

Note: If you use Joomla! 1.5 you have to click on Extensions link in the main menu and choose Install/Uninstall

1a. Make sure you're on the Install tab and click on Browse.

VirtueMart - DalPay

1b. Choose the Package file ( from your local download location.

VirtueMart - DalPay

1.c Click on click Upload File & Install.

VirtueMart - DalPay

1.d If the installation is successful you will see Install Plugin Success. A message will appear that says DalPay serves merchants worldwide. Sign-up for a DalPay account (no upfront fees or monthly fees).

VirtueMart - DalPay

1.1. Upload the logo and checkout button files to [joomla]/images/stories/virtuemart/payment/

  • dalpay_favicon.gif

  • dalpaycheckout.png

  • btn_checkoutCC_LG.gif

You can do that by going to

i) using the Media File feature; Components -> VirtueMart -> Control Panel -> Media Files, then New, or

ii) by manually uploading them using sftp or other file upload utility (see Known Issues).

2. To enable the plug-in click on Extensions in the main menu and choose Plugins Manager

VirtueMart - DalPay

2a. Now select the checkbox next to VM - Payment, DalPay Checkout and click on Enable button. You can enable the extension by clicking on the red icon in the Status column.

VirtueMart - DalPay

You may need to enter payment into the Filter field and then Go, or choose the - Select Type - pulldown as vmpayment to locate it.)

3. Click on Components in the main menu and select VirtueMart from the submenu

VirtueMart - DalPay

3a. In the Control Panel tab and click on Payment Methods. You can also click on Shop on the left side menu and then choose Payment Methods.

VirtueMart - DalPay

4. Now click on the New button

VirtueMart - DalPay

4a. Under the Payment Method Information tab enter the following:

  • Payment Name: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX
  • Published: select - 'Yes'
  • Payment Description: Buy via DalPay Checkout with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX debit/credit cards.
  • Payment Method: select 'VM - Payment, DalPay Checkout'
  • Shopper Group: (leave blank unless you only want one or more groups of users to see DalPay Checkout)
  • List Order: 0

VirtueMart - DalPay

Once done click on Apply or Save. You should see a message that says Payment Method successfully saved.

INFO: If you do not see 'VM - Payment, DalPay Checkout' in the Payment Method pulldown check that you have activated the DalPay Checkout module as per step 2.)

4b. Click on the Configuration tab and enter the enter the DalPay Checkout settings:

  • Checkout Logos select - dalpaycheckout.png. DO NOT use btn_checkoutCC_LG.gif

(If dalpaycheckout.png is not available from the 'Checkout Logos' box, ensure that you have uploaded the logo and checkout button files correctly as per step 1.1.)

  • DalPay Checkout Merchant ID: See Configuration Parameters below.
  • DalPay Checkout Page ID: See Configuration Parameters below.
  • Silent Post Password: See Configuration Parameters below.
  • Checkout Currency select - 'Default Vendor Currency' unless this DalPay Order Page has another currency set.
  • Allowed Countries leave blank unless you wish to specify a list of countries allowed to checkout (for example because certain countries are blocked the DalPay end for this Order Page.)
  • Minimum Order Amount i.e. 5 (set the same as the Minimum Order Amount set for this Order Page at the DalPay Merchant Menu)
  • Maximum Order Amount i.e. 500 (set the same as the Maximum Order Amount set for this Order Page at the DalPay Merchant Menu)
  • Fee per transaction leave blank
  • Percent of the total amount leave blank
  • Order Status for Pending Payments 'Pending'
  • Order Status for Successful transactions 'Confirmed'
  • Order Status for Failed transactions 'Cancelled'
  • Debug logging? select - 'No'. (If 'Yes' logInfo events will be logged in [joomla]/logs/dalpaycheckout.log as per usual logging behaviour.)

VirtueMart - DalPay

Once done click on Apply or Save. You should see a message that says Payment Method successfully saved.

5. If you are not already there, go to Components -> VirtueMart -> Control Panel tab and click on Payment Methods (or VirtueMart -> Shop -> Payment Methods).

In the Payment Method list for the DalpayCheckout Payment Method you just added you will see its ID (i.e. 1 or 2, etc.) - take a note of this Payment Method ID.

VirtueMart - DalPay

You will need this Payment Method ID to configure Silent Posts. You set the PostURL link the DalPay Merchant Menu end to update the status of transactions via Instant Silent Post, i.e. the PostURL will be: [joomla]/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=pluginresponse&task=pluginresponsereceived&pm=X

Where the X is replaced with the Payment Method ID for DalPay Checkout in your installation, for example:

6. Configure the Order Page in the DalPay Merchant Menu. Login to the DalPay Merchant Menu and from 'order pages' > settings icon for the order page associated with orders for this PrestaShop store:

VirtueMart 2.0.x:

Web site location: http://[shop_root]
Order page location: http://[shop_root]/index.php?controller=history
Allow Post Valuta Override: Yes - important for multi-currency shopping cart systems like VirtueMart
PostURL: http://[shop_root]/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=pluginresponse&task=pluginresponsereceived&pm=X
Enable Silent Post Callback: Yes
Silent Post Fields: user1,user2,user3,user4,user5,user6,user7,user8,total_amount,valuta_code,order_num,pay_type
Silent Post Password: Set the same as in VirtueMart module. SilentPostPassword is sent in addition to the Silent Post Fields, and must match the password set within the VirtueMart module (see step 4b).

NOTE: Please note that customers are administered from Components -> VirtueMart -> Orders and Shoppers -> Shoppers).