OpenCart | Free Open Source e-commerce shop payment plug-in

First make sure you have OpenCart installed and working.

1. Upload the individual files from into the OpenCart installation directory (i.e. /var/www/html/opencart/ ) on your server :

  • admin/controller/payment/dalpay_checkout.php

  • admin/language/english/payment/dalpay_checkout.php

  • admin/view/image/payment/dalpaycheckout.png

  • admin/view/template/payment/dalpay_checkout.tpl

  • catalog/controller/payment/dalpay_checkout.php

  • catalog/language/english/payment/dalpay_checkout.php

  • catalog/model/payment/dalpay_checkout.php

  • catalog/view/theme/default/image/dalpay_retail_VMAJ_303x30_tr.gif

  • catalog/view/theme/default/image/payment.png

  • catalog/view/theme/default/template/common/footer.tpl

  • catalog/view/theme/default/template/common/READ_BEFORE_OVERWRITING_LIVE_footer_tpl.txt

  • catalog/view/theme/default/template/payment/dalpay_checkout.tpl

If you use cPanel unzipping the ZIP file should place the files in the correct directories. However if you have custom themes installed or you don't have access to the unzip command (via shell or cPanel) you must copy these files manually. If you have installed custom themes, please verify the location of the template files (.tpl).

If you encounter any strange behavior first check the existence of all files in the targeted OpenCart installation and don't overwrite the ones that exist.

2. Go to your OpenCart Admin Panel. In the main menu click on Extension and select Payments from the submenu.

OpenCart - DalPay

3. Find the DalPay Checkout extension in the list and click on Install.

OpenCart - DalPay

4. After the installation of the DalPay Checkout payment extension, configure it. Click on Edit to do so.

OpenCart - DalPay

5. Fill out all required fields, set Status to Enabled and click the Save button.

OpenCart - DalPay

6. Configure the Order Page in the DalPay Merchant Menu. Login to the DalPay Merchant Menu and from 'order pages' > settings icon for the order page associated with orders for this PrestaShop store:

OpenCart 1.5.x:

Web site location: http://[shop_root]
Order page location: http://[shop_root]//index.php?route=checkout/checkout
Allow Post Valuta Override: Yes - important for multi-currency systems like OpenCart
PostURL: http://[shop_root]/index.php?route=payment/dalpay_checkout/callback
Enable Silent Post Callback: Yes
Silent Post Fields: total_amount,order_num,valuta_code,pay_type,user1,user2,user3
Silent Post Password: Set the same as in OpenCart module. SilentPostPassword is sent in addition to the Silent Post Fields, and must match the password set within the OpenCart module (see step 5).