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DalPay Support Index: Merchant and Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a DalPay Merchant or Supplier needing support?

DalPay Direct | Internet Merchant Accounts If you are a DalPay Direct Merchant, please refer to your assigned account manager, or project manager via Skype or direct email in the first instance.

Our response time will be based on the Service Level Agreement in place.
For all other account types, we endevour to reply to all support tickets within 48hrs. You should add robot@dalpay.com and support@dalpay.com to your anti-spam whitelist, and also check your spam folder - the email notifications may be misfiled by your email client.

Please use the Support button after logging into the Merchant Menu (merchant login to the left), to contact us.
DalPay Get Support Icon | Internet Merchant Accounts
Kindly note that you must use the secure https: link given in email to reply, or the support icon within your account to contact us.
Hitting reply in your email client to a ticket notification from robot@dalpay.com will result in your reply not reaching us.

We do NOT send you emails containing attachments such as scripts and .ZIP files, etc. If you wish to send us a file, please use the Upload/Download documents feature from within the Merchant Menu, or send via the verified Skype account of your account manager.
Your Account and Settlements
  1. Permitted, Restricted and Prohibited items
  2. Getting started, Merchant Menu login problems
  3. Completing your account profile and sending supporting documents
  4. Regular payment terms
  5. Where is my regular payment?
  6. What is the 5-10% rolling reserve?
Integration with DalPay Checkout
  1. Create, connect and configure your order page or shopping cart
  2. What the customer sees at checkout
  3. Use multiple languages
  4. Use multiple currencies
  5. Automatic Monthly/Quarterly/Six Monthly/Yearly rebillings
  6. How can I change the maximum transaction amount?
  7. Country, e-mail and IP blocking
  8. Notification and Callback APIs
Acceptance and Compliance Policies
  1. Acceptable Language for DalPay Retail Suppliers
  2. Use of Credit Card Logos
  3. Permitted, Restricted and Prohibited Items
Your Transactions
  1. Online weekly statements
  2. Chargebacks and retrievals
  3. Refund a transaction
  4. One-time recharge a transaction
  5. Order bounce system
  6. Fraud Scrubbing and Secondary Screening
  7. Transaction Fraud Score and the DalPay Risk Meter