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Getting Started

If you are a DalPay Direct Merchant, please refer to your assigned account manager, or project manager via Skype or direct email in the first instance.

Login to the Merchant Menu
The Merchant Menu gives Merchants or Suppliers access to DalPay gateway and administration facilities such as:

• Account status,
• Order Page configuration,
• Transaction tracking,
• Rebilling,
• Anti-fraud Information.

DalPay offers a Multi-user Access system for each Merchant Menu account, allowing the account owner to authorize multiple users, each with various levels of access to a single account.

With Multi-user Access, you can add multiple logins and access levels for your employees, so they can complete necessary tasks without having access to unnecessary features. By controlling the access your users have to your account, you can run your business smoothly and not have to worry about allowing total access to your account.

Request a new Merchant Menu password
Login to the Merchant Menu
About Multi-user Access

Sponsored Merchants and DalPay Retail Suppliers, please read on.

Complete the Account Profile

After you have received your DalPay Retail account login, you must complete your profile. This is done from the ‘account’ menu item of the Merchant Menu.
Attention! | Internet Merchant Accounts In most cases you will be able to start accepting credit cards online before we receive the printed profile, provided we have been able to make the refundable US$1 Compliance Charge to your personal or company credit/debit card.

We will not however be able to settle funds to you until we have received the signed profile and supporting documents.
DalPay Account Profile screen, Internet Merchant Account for Merchants Worldwide

Your orderpage(s) and/or shopping cart(s)
In your merchant menu click on 'order pages' to list all currenty configured orderpages. By default one order page id is created with a 'coming soon' message in it. You have to add the products to the order page. Our technical department can also add your products at no charge.

The allowed and accepted orderpage variables
Request our technical department to update your order page
Change the location of your order page

Frequently Asked Questions
Most answers are published in the frequently asked questions section of our site. If you need more or other information you can contact our Support Team by raising a support ticket through the Merchant Menu.