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Notification and Callback APIs

There are two main integration methods as part of the DalPayAPI that allow you to receive information about the status of a DalPay payment transaction to a script listening on your server:

Instant Silent Post callback:
(DalPay Checkout accounts only)

Merchant Server Notification:
(DalPay Direct or DalPay Checkout accounts)

POST of order information fields to a script listening on your server, triggered by the customer's web browser on the DalPay Checkout 'accepted order confirmation screen';
Either i) manually by customer clicking the continue button, or ii) automatically with 'silent post'.

POST sent automatically by our server to a script listening on your server after a change in payment transaction status.

Only Accepted orders.

Accepted orders, Declined orders, Rebilled orders, Refunds, Chargebacks, etc...

Posted in realtime after customer has reached our order confirmation page.

Posted within three minutes, every time the status of the transaction changes.

Use to display order and other information to the customer immediately after ordering.

Use to update your site's order database with the status of the transaction to trigger a change in service delivery.