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When issued a fresh DalPay account, up to five order pages can be setup within it by default, and all will be initially blocked. Each order page is intended for a single website you sell from and has its own settings for Confirmation Page/Email Message, Delivery Policy and Refund Policy.

You must complete your website content (most importantly the terms and conditions; delivery policy, refund policy and privacy policy) and then run test orders.

Only after demonstrating full line item detail being passed in item descriptions (most shopping carts compatible with DalPay Checkout do it), and completed website content, can the Risk Department sign you off to go live, and set the order page(s) active.

Connect Your Site to DalPay Checkout via Shopping Cart

Installation of a shopping cart system on your site is recommend for online merchants who sell more than one item per order, or want to list more than ten items for sale.

If you sell only one item per order (but need different product variations such as size or quantity) you can use DalPay Buy Now buttons.

Our shopping cart modules are here.

API Integration

The DalPayAPI is a RESTful web service using HTTP POST over SSL.
Please refer to the DalPay Developer section of the website.

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Up to two hours of integration support over Skype is included free of charge (to be used in the first month after you open your account) to help you integrate DalPay with your site and complete website compliance.

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Expedited technical support for custom integration with non-certified platforms is billed according to our standard rate sheet.
If you are a platform provider, wishing to integrate with DalPay, contact: