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Pre-authorized Recurring Billing Overview

DalPay's pre-authorized automatic recurring billing system (sometimes known as a rebilling, recurring payment transaction, or in the United Kingdom as a continuous authority transaction) provides a customer friendly way for a merchant to charge a customer's bank account, or credit/debit card at card association approved intervals.

Monthly, quarterly, six monthly, and yearly rebilling intervals are supported.

The customer has full access to details of the rebilling, with the order number and login code, to stop and/or make changes to the rebilling information.

The DalPay Merchant has access to individual orders and the customer's Recurring Billing Profile to make changes to the frequency and/or amounts charged with the consent of the customer.

The DalPay rebilling module works with all foreign currencies. Merchants can access the rebilled orders through the 'Rebillings' feature from the Merchant Menu or via the Rebilling API.

Availability: DalPay Checkout and DalPay Direct accounts.

See also: Recurring Billing API.

Recurring Billing Integration Guide
PDF | DalPay Checkout Recurring Billing | Merchant Accounts

DalPay Checkout does not require merchants to collect, transmit or store sensitive cardholder or bank account information to process transactions.

DalPay Checkout is equivalent to Authorize.net’s SIM (Server Integration Method) or Simple Checkout. For our solution equivalent to Authorize.net’s AIM (Advanced Integration Method) see the DalPay Direct Integration Guide.

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Last Updated: January 1, 2011.