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The guide to regular settlements (including remittance fees) for sponsored merchants and DalPay Retail suppliers is here. DalPay Direct merchants are settled directly by the relevant acquiring bank(s).

Regular Settlement Bank Wire Not Received?

If you are a sponsored merchant or DalPay Retail supplier wishing to enquire about the status of a settlement, please open a support ticket via your Merchant Menu login. Use the Support icon to contact our Accounts Department regarding the status of your payment.
We will not provide any payment details over the phone without verification.
DalPay Get Support Icon | Internet Merchant Accounts

Please verify that one or more of the following reasons do not already apply to you before contacting the DalPay Accounts Department:

  • The Accounts department cannot yet send payments because you have not sent in a signed copy of your DalPay account profile and supporting documents, or your profile has not been approved and marked as accepted by the Risk Department because:
    • The Beneficiary Name in the profile is different from the Legal Name (for example the Legal Name is a company's name but the Beneficiary Name is set to a person's name);
    • You have not included all of the required supporting documents, for example the articles of incorporation/articles of association, or certificate of good standing for a company are missing;
    • The photocopy or printed copies are of poor quality (or in black and white or grey scale when they should be in colour), or a passport copy without a Machine Readable Zone has been provided.

  • Your DalPay account profile and supporting documents have been received and approved by the Risk Department (which usually takes 48 hours) but were not sent by you and received by us in time for the current settlement day for this payment period, and must wait for the next one (either the first of the next month, or the Monday of the following week).

  • There is a routing delay between our bank and your bank for some reason. In general it should take a maximum of five business days for a wire to reach you, but it may take up to fourteen business days depending on your receiving bank. Please contact your account manager on the business day after the date you usually receive wires from us, if not received, so we can perform a wire trace. Possible reasons for a routing delay:
    • United States OFAC screening of USD wires (USD wires sent from bank to bank, and wires involving recipients in the United States, are screened by OFAC);
    • Your bank account is located in the EEA/EU but the bank account number was not supplied in IBAN format;
    • The name set by your bank for the destination bank account does not exactly match the Beneficiary Name given in the profile;
      (either of these latter two reasons may result in the wire bouncing back to us and the Return of Wire fee being charged).

  • A holdback has been instituted by the Risk Department because;
    • Your monthly chargeback ratio is above 1% or your monthly credit ratio is above 5%;
    • Your have not had new sales for one or more weeks or;
    • There have been fluctuations in your sales and you did not inform DalPay of the reason (for example sales have rapidly declined over the week or two weeks of the arrears prior to the settlement day, or earlier);
    • Your website was unavailable or redirected to another website without prior notice to DalPay for more than 48 hours prior to the settlement day;
    • Your business type requires additional security measures to be implemented (such as Travel related, Seminars & Conferences, or other high risk merchants);
    • Authorization Forms from customers have not been received for qualified transactions.

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Last Updated: Jan 1st, 2010.